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kick it up a notch

2009-11-16 13:21:43 by DjCoast

Remember life as a kid? Exploding energy and stamina, running all day long doing your favorite things? Maturing is bittersweet and can leave you longing for your youthful endurance and recovery, but as many have found, not all is lost.
Yeah thats what im saiiin xd

Visit this website for some good nutrients and body building stuff...thingys...
yeah im not god at advertising but hey
Its worth watching xD

Hope you visit tahat web
or il FUKIN RAPE U D:<

BAY ^^


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2009-11-16 13:32:36

Awesoooooooome :D
I really needed this <3


2009-12-05 17:40:10

Tablets will make things more tablety.

DjCoast responds:

Yes i agree my friend!


2010-02-08 17:55:56



2010-02-13 15:05:13

lol Nunca precisei disso XD